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Report a Claim

Notify The Bar Plan immediately, in writing, upon notice of any claim, incident, error, or omission that could give rise to a claim, or a bar complaint. If you have concerns about timely reporting a new matter within the effective dates of the current policy or if there are other exigent circumstances, we encourage you to expedite reporting by making the report via fax, email or courier.

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Where do I report a claim?

Send your Claim Report, in writing, to the address below, via fax at 1-844-824-1618, or download our form to Report a Claim, Incident or Bar Complaint.

What should I include in my report to The Bar Plan?

  1. A complete chronology of events leading up to such allegations;
  2. A “date of error” meaning the date the alleged error or omission took place; and
  3. “Insured’s first notice” meaning the date the insured first knew of a potential problem arising from his/her representation.

What happens after I report a claim, incident or bar complaint?

Once your initial written report is received, it will be reviewed and assigned to in-house Claim Counsel who will then send a letter of confirmation, which may also seek additional facts. Once a claim or potential claim has been made, do not discuss the matter without first consulting the Claim Counsel assigned to the file. If necessary, legal counsel will be retained by The Bar Plan to represent you.

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