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The Bar Plan recently announced a new referral program with Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. Oppenheimer is a financial services company with over 25 years of experience working with guardians, conservators, and trustees to properly manage and invest the assets of these estates.  Proper asset management allows these fiduciaries to meet their responsibilities while reducing their potential liability.

“From the bonding company’s perspective, we believe guardians and conservators may benefit from Oppenheimer’s extensive experience and specialized expertise,” said Kim Edgar, Vice President of Surety Underwriting for The Bar Plan. “It gives me peace of mind to have a source that I trust to whom I can refer my clients.”

Available services by Oppenheimer include:

  • Investment Policy Statements for clients
  • Assistance with setting objective criteria for level of risk, diversification and income
  • Cost-effective investment management services
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in working with the application of the Prudent Investor Rule
  • Diversified portfolios, ongoing monitoring and periodic rebalancing of assets
  • Income-generating accounts based on the client’s income needs and risk tolerances
  • Financial advice for Special Needs Trusts
  • For certain guardianship cases, we have the ability to Block or Freeze Accounts
  • Documentation of all reviews performed with the guardian, including a detailed Quarterly Portfolio Review Report
  • Simple fee model for advice, transactions, and custody of the accounts is available in select programs

The Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Company specializes in court fiduciary and court judicial guarantee bonds. Its underwriters understand the urgency and special requirements associated with legal proceedings. The court bond program is underwritten by The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company (in California d/b/a Court Bond Mutual Insurance Company) and its wholly-owned subsidiary The Bar Plan Surety and Fidelity Company. The program is licensed nationwide and writes Court Bonds in all 50 states.

For more information, contact Peter Palumbo ( at Oppenheimer at 314-854-3722 or Kim Edgar (, The Bar Plan, at 314-288-1028.

Disclaimer:  The Bar Plan acts solely as a Referrer and will not render any brokerage, investment advisory or supervisory services to you or make product recommendations on behalf of Oppenheimer.