The Bar Plan offers many resources to guide lawyers on malpractice avoidance. Select one of the following categories in the Risk Management Library to access articles:

Law Practice Management Articles

Malpractice Management Articles

Ethics and Professionalism Articles

Missouri & Kansas Ethics Seminar Schedule & Registration

If you are unable to find an article specific to your concern, Contact our Risk Managers at 1-800-843-2277 x103.

As a benefit to our Insureds, we offer a free Practice Management Program and Risk Management Hotline to help lawyers avoid malpractice and to build a better practice:

Practice Management Program
A comprehensive firm review to assist lawyers in identifying and implementing processes that improve the quality of service they seek to provide, while reducing the risks associated with the practice of law. This program is offered to our insureds at no additional cost. Contact our Risk Managers at 1-800-843-2277 x103.

Risk Management Hotline
Provides confidential assistance to insureds with questions relating to legal ethics and malpractice risks that arise in the everyday practice of law. Contact our Risk Managers at 1-800-843-2277 x103.