Policy Features & Additional Coverages

Underwritten by The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company, malpractice insurance is available to law firms in Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, New Mexico, and Tennessee. Our policy features the following:

Voluntary Resolution Refund
Waives 50% of your deductible to a maximum of $12,500 if the claim is voluntarily resolved within 12 months of the date it was reported.  If the claim is resolves within 24 months, 25% of your deductible to a maximum of $6,250 is waived.

The Bar Plan provides a discount for attorneys providing arbitration and mediation services.

Title Agent Coverage
Coverage is provided for attorneys who perform title agent services through their firm.  Coverage not available when acting as a title agent for a separate entity.

Personal Injury Coverage
Provides coverage for certain negligent acts while performing legal services. Includes false arrest, humiliation, detention or imprisonment, invasions of private occupancy, libel, slander and violations of an individual’s right of privacy.

Coverage for FDCPA Damages
Covered damages include awards arising under 15 U.S.C. Section 1692k(a) (part of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act).  Most carriers do not provide this coverage.

Extended Reporting Coverage
Allows an insured to extend the period during which a claim can be reported after the policy expiration date. Qualification is subject to underwriting guidelines and coverage only applies to acts or omissions prior to policy expiration.

Free, unlimited Extended Reporting Coverage (ERC) is available to attorneys who are at least 55 and cease the private practice of law. Free, unlimited ERC is also available upon death or disability of an attorney. To be eligible for free ERC, the attorney must have been insured with The Bar Plan for three (3) consecutive years.

Disciplinary Proceeding Coverage
Provides up to $10,000 each and $20,000 aggregate to defend against formal disciplinary proceedings, subject to certain terms and conditions. No deductible applies and this coverage is in excess of policy limits.

First Dollar Defense
A deductible only applies to a claim if an indemnity payment is made.  Defense expenses alone do not trigger a deductible.

Subpoena Assistance
Pays attorney’s fees for counsel to assist insured attorneys in responding to a subpoena. This coverage is in addition to policy limits and is not subject to a deductible. Certain restrictions apply.

Consent to Settle Clause
This clause gives the Policyholder the ultimate ­decision regarding settlement of a claim. However, The Bar Plan may elect to limit its liability to the amount for which the claim could have been settled by giving the ­Policyholder 15 days prior written notice before invoking this provision.

Prior Acts Coverage
Provides true coverage for prior acts or omissions whether performed on behalf of the Policyholder or prior firm. 

Former Partners, Associates and Non-Attorney Coverage
Former partners, associates and non-attorneys are covered for acts or omissions that occurred on behalf of the firm during their employment.

Innocent Insured Coverage
Provides coverage to attorneys for the acts (other than defalcating money or property) or omissions of other attorneys who are Insureds under their policy when the “innocent insured” had no prior knowledge, did not participate or acquiesce in the act or omission, and timely reports upon first knowledge.

Defense for Intentional Acts
Provides a civil defense to both the innocent insured and the accused insured for alleged intentional acts (other than defalcation of money or property), provided the act or omission arose while acting in a professional capacity providing legal services. The Bar Plan does not provide a defense for criminal prosecutions. 

Automatic 60-Day Coverage
Allows up to 60 days to report the addition of new attorneys.  New attorneys are automatically covered during this 60-day notice period for legal services rendered on behalf of the policyholder firm.

Non-Attorney Coverage
Provides coverage for paralegals and others who work in your office (except for defalcations by non-lawyer employees of money or property held by the firm for the benefit of a claimant or other party).

Coverage Follows the Attorney
Insured attorneys are covered for all their Legal Services unless a specific exclusion applies.  Many carriers limit coverage to work performed only on behalf of the insured firm or its predecessor firm(s), which can eliminate coverage for all other prior acts or any Legal Services not performed on behalf of the insured firm or its predecessors.

The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company provides broad legal malpractice coverage at the lowest possible price. All products and services offered by The Bar Plan Group of Companies are for the benefit of the legal community. We serve the legal community in everything we do.

The Bar Plan writes lawyers’ professional liability insurance in Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico, Indiana, and Tennessee. In conjunction with its subsidiary company, The Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Company, The Bar Plan also writes Court Bonds in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Additionally, The Bar Plan Insurance Agency, Inc. offers Lawyers’ Business Owner’s Policy, Workers’ Compensation insurance, and it administers the Group Term Life Insurance for The Missouri Bar.

To apply for malpractice insurance, click here and download the applications for your state.

Please Note: This summary is for illustrative purposes only and is not determinative of coverage.  Refer to your policy form and endorsements for coverage details.