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In order to create an effective plan, law firms should consider all possible disasters, along with their corresponding responses. Generally, contingency plans for disasters not related to a lawyers’ death or disability aim to:

  • Assign another competent lawyer to take immediate protective action, in the event of death or disability. Such protective action may include notifying each client about the situation and helping them determine the best way to proceed. In this instance, clients must be informed that they have the option of looking for another attorney to handle their case.
  • Quickly recover and resume the law firm’s operations
  • Protect the firm against revenue and business loss
  • Minimize potential malpractice claims from dissatisfied clients

The information provided in this section was prepared by The Bar Plan as general information, and should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion with regard to any specific circumstance or set of facts. This list is not inclusive of all the possible or required contents for such letters, and each attorney preparing such a letter must make an independent evaluation of the necessary and required contents, given the circumstances of the representation.